Mar. 11th, 2008

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In January Perlick challenged me to make my New Year's resolution doing something structured, as I'm generally very improvisational by nature. Now, I'm a pretty good musician, but I have a poor sense of rhythm, which I find frustrating, so I figured that would be a good thing to work at.

After failing to get Jess to buy Rock Band for the house, I decided to get a metronome and use that. Caitlin couldn't find hers, so I decided an excellent thing to do would be to build one. Naturally, in an Altoids box, as anything that could fit inside an Altoids box is always cooler when one has done so. So one 555 chip and a few hours in the basement later, I'm happy to announce success. A relaxing alternative to thesing.

Images and witty commentary about circuits behind the cut )

Thanks to Caitlin for her help in solderin' and buildin' and all.

I really should get around to writing this up on Instructables so that Christy doesn't tell me off here, but I always forget to document as I'm going along. Ah well, maybe I'll go and recreate at some point over spring break.

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